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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brian Lepak honored with Sooner Schooner Award

Brian Lepak, son of Application Hotline Managing Attorney, Linda Lepak, was honored on April 12th by OU President David Boren at the University's Scholar Athlete Breakfast.

By GUERIN EMIG World Sports Writer

NORMAN - What's Brian Lepak doing now that he's finished playing Oklahoma football? One-upping Landry Jones, for starters.

Lepak has grown a mustache, a much fuller version of the stubble Jones wears above his upper lip.

"I grew a beard, then donned the mustache a couple days ago just for good times," Lepak said after being presented the Sooner Schooner Scholastic Award Tuesday morning. "I figured it was getting too hot for a beard, so I trimmed it up for a young Tom Selleck look. I don't know if I'll get there. I don't know if I'll stick with it that long, but that would be the ultimate goal.

Former Claremore standout Brian Lepak (center) receives the Sooner Schooner Scholastic Award from Joe Castiglione (back left) and OU President David Boren at the University's Scholar Athlete Breakfast on Tuesday. STEVE SISNEY / The Oklahoman

"There's a certain quality of class and refinement. It makes me look like I have dashing good looks."

If it sounds like Lepak is enjoying life, he is.

The former Claremore standout finished his OU career in the Fiesta Bowl. His action in the 48-20 victory over Connecticut put him over 400 snaps for his senior season. Not bad for a guy who walked on after transferring from Colorado State three years ago. Things were good.

They've gotten better, or at least busier, since.

One year after his showstopping rendition of "Me and Mrs. Jones," Lepak returns to OU's annual athletes' talent show next Monday night for an encore.

"They needed to fill 10 minutes, so I'm singing three songs," he said. "Some Michael Bublé stuff."

Tuesday, Lepak unveiled his mustache to a ballroom of approximately 400 people, when he accepted his Schooner for maintaining the highest GPA among graduating OU football players. He earned his finance degree in December. He has applied for OU's law school, although that is a fallback.

"I'm wholeheartedly pursuing the NFL," Lepak said. "I signed with an agent. I went up to Indianapolis to train for pro day, and now I'm training with Sam (Bradford), Roy Williams, Dusty Dvoracek here at OU. We'll see what happens.

"The draft is on the 28th. If that works out, awesome. If not, we'll have to wait and see what happens with the lockout in terms of free agency."
If the NFL's labor issues drag on, or the draft/free agency period doesn't net the desired results, it's back to OU. To hit the books, not the blocking sled.

"I put a seat deposit down," Lepak said of law school. "I would like to practice here in Oklahoma or in Texas. The other schools I looked at were Minnesota and Notre Dame. They're great schools, but in terms of where I'll wind up, OU is the best option."

Besides, that will keep him closer to his old football program. As much fun as he's having, and as much as he anticipates his future, Lepak already misses it.

"I've been back to two practices and I keep in touch with everybody," he said. "I do miss the team. I'll miss the camaraderie with my teammates on the offensive line. We're great friends. And it's a lot of fun to play Oklahoma football...

"There was something really special about game day and getting to put on the crimson and cream and getting out there on the field. It was my dream as a child. I'm really happy to be able to look back and say I was a part of that.

"It was a very fulfilling career."

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