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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Legal Aid's "Legal Knievels" Place 3rd Overall at 2010 United Way Pacesetter Games!

The United Way Pacesetter games were held outside the Daily Oklahoman building in Oklahoma City on June 22, 2010.

Legal Aid receives funding from United Way of Central Oklahoma for the Oklahoma City Law office and from 16 other United Way agencies statewide to help support our 20 offices across Oklahoma.

United Way agencies depend on support from the community.

"United Way coordinates the collective strength of more than 50,000 local donors, hundreds of local businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, labor unions, and faith groups to deliver long-term solutions for individuals and families in central Oklahoma," states the United Way of Central Oklahoma's website.

The Pacesetter Games provide an evening of fun and games for the Pacesetter companies. The games serve as a fun, competitive, and enthusiastic kickoff to the Pacesetter Campaign for United Way. "Pacesetters" is the name for companies who agree to volunteer to do their own campaign for United Way and strive to increase annual giving from their organizations by 10% from the previous year. Legal Aid is proud to be a pacesetter and participated in the opening games at the 2010 United Way Pacesetter Games. In fact, they came in 3rd place!

Congratulations to Legal Aid's "Legal Knievels" for placing 3rd overall at the 2010 United Way Pacesetter games! This year, they actually finished the canoe race without capsizing! That's alone makes them winners!!

Great job, guys!

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